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Malcolm Brown

My name is Malcolm Brown and I live in the UK. Although I have no formal training as an artist, I have drawn and painted all my life. My main interest has always been mythological, theatrical and fantasy characters in elaborate costumes, with the odd foray into the world of gothic horror, so most of the pictures on display here are of that kind.

I do my artwork entirely for my own enjoyment, although I have had a number of pictures published in various books and magazines including "Vampire Art Now", "Drawing and Painting the Undead", "Machines and Magic, Volume 1" and "Photoshop Creative". My painting of the "Oak King" also featured in an episode of the television series "Supernatural".

For many years I was involved with an amateur drama group for which I acted, directed and designed sets and costumes, and some of those designs are displayed here.

My pictures also feature in a number of online galleries:

Dagger Bay an Art Contest Site (as "bajazet")

Deviant Art (as "Ravenscar45")

Lulu.com has a book of my artwork and a fantasy novel I wrote.

Pinterest displays a selection of my favourite works by other artists as well as my own work.