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This site offers exactly what the title says. There is an enormous range of free fonts available, organised into such categories as 3D, Animal, Curly, Decorative, Famous, Horror, Medieval, Sci-Fi, Western and many more. The fonts are all presented with large, clear samples so that you can see exactly what they look like. They are compatible with both Windows and Macintosh.

This is a resource of tutorials for Photoshop, Painter, Matte Painting, 3DS Max, Maya and other programs for creating digital images. The tutorials are presented with many illustrations on how to acheive the effects, and vary in difficulty from those suitable for beginners to advanced users. There is also an extensive gallery of images created by various artists, which make the site worth a visit even if you are not interested in the tutorials.

"The CG artist's homepage" is an incredibly wide-ranging and useful resource for materials and information related to 3D computer graphics. As well as a wonderful gallery of 3D images there is a huge library of free, downloadable textures, reference photos and other useful materials and tutorials for a varied selection of 3D software.

This site claims to have "the largest collection of background textures on the internet", and I think it would be difficult to dispute the claim when you look at the number and range of textures available (over five and a half thousand). They are all seamlessly tiling, background textures for use on web pages, graphical software or on the desktop, are sorted by colour and motif, and are fully customizable.

Blender is a completely free, open source 3D modelling and animation program available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. It is intended for design professionals and others who wish to become 3D artists, but it does take a lot of time and effort to learn how to use it. However, there are plenty of books and online tutorials available, so it is not difficult to find the guidance needed to get started, and the end results can be quite astounding.

This site offers a wide range of free, downlodable brushes for Photoshop, as well as patterns and other resources. The brushes are all of a very high quality, and cover a huge range of subjects and effects from Fractals and Flowers to Grunge and Graffiti. You can see a preview of all the brushes in each set before you download them, so that you know exactly what you are getting.

This is an impressive and free 3D content manipulation program which enables you to arrange, pose and light 3D human models, animals, props, vehicles, accessories, environments, etc. to create stunning art. The program comes with an extensive array of free models and content which you can use to get started, and there are any number of extra items which you can buy from the website. It also enables you to animate models and scenes.

This is a collection of detailed and high-quality tutorials on all aspects of Adobe Photoshop. Many areas of designing, drawing, photo retouching and manipulation and special effects are covered, and the tutorials, by a number of different contributors and appealing to range of abilities, are fully illustrated with step-by-step illustrations.

This site offers free high resolution textures of metals, floors, skin, wood, rock, walls, fabric, food, fur and many more. They are mostly photographic textures, and can all be freely downloaded and used in commercial or personal works. All the textures are in .jpg format, ranging in size from 1600 x 1200 to 2560 x 1920, and most are raw, unprocessed, and sometimes even out of focus.

This site presents a series of tutorials on how to create a website from scratch using HTML and CSS. The tutorials are very clear and well written with lots of examples and exercises to try out what you have learnt. The tutorials develop from the simple basics to increasingly complex and are ideal for anyone wanting to create their own website.

These free video-based tutorials are on the Guru99 website which presents a whole range of tutorials on various subjects. The Photoshop tutorials are short and very simply presented, covering the basics of how to use Photoshop. They include the use of Layers and Layer Masks, Layer Styles, Shape Layer, Smart Object, Pen Tool, Extraction Techniques, Brush Tool, Text Tool and Working with Filters. If you are new to Photoshop they could be a useful resource to get you started.

Sculptris is a free 3D sculpting program from Pixologic, the creators of ZBrush. It is fairly simple to use with a respectable array of features and enough basic tools to do the job, though nowhere near the complexity and functionality of commercial software. It is an ideal way to explore the world of 3D modelling for anyone who has never tried it but would like to give it a go. The great advantage of Sculptris is that it is completely free with no restrictions on how your creations may be used.

Google SketchUp is a completely free, easy-to-learn 3D-modelling program with which you can create 3D models of buildings, home extensions, woodwork projects, or even space ships. You can add a range of details and textures to your models, and even place them in Google Earth or print hard copies. Google SketchUp is a great way to explore the possibilities of 3D modelling for free.

This is a series of detailed and comprehensive tutorials on everything you need to know to create detailed 3D models in Sketchup. All 61 tutorials are presented clearly and concisely by Cameron Harris, and are generally no more than half an hour long. Each of the early tutorials deals with a single aspect of Sketchup, taking you through all the tools and how to use them. The later ones lead you through a series of increasingly complex projects which help you to understand all aspects of the modelling process. The tutorials are also available on YouTube.

Found on Deviant Art, this is an amazing collection of varied, large and high-quality textures which can be downloaded and used without any restrictions. The textures are organised in groups according to type and colour, and there are also zip-file packs of textures and source photos.

Formerly CG Textures.com, this aims to be the world's best texture site. It contains a huge array of textures arranged in groups and sub-groups on all subjects from Abstract and Animals to Wood and X-Rays. All the textures are large in size and of the highest quality and many of them can be tiled. They can be downloaded for free if you sign up to the site (for free), although there is a daily limit to the number you can download.