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This site is dedicated to the late nineteenth century music hall performer Arthur Lloyd. It has thousands of pages and images related to the history of the music hall in the U.K. Areas dealt with include music hall, variety, pantomime, songs, posters, people, timelines, theatres and maps. The site is an excellent resource for anyone interested in any aspect of music hall.

This site contains information on ballet history, great dancers, and the ballets themselves. It has two main sections: "Studio to Stage", which has step-by-step articles on ballet including a history, life as a ballet dancer, performing, and ballet technique; and an "Encyclopedia" which has a variety of information about ballet and ballet dancers.

This site deals with every aspect of British theatre. Although it looks crowded and has some advertising, it is quite easy to navigate. There are reviews of country-wide productions by a variety of different people, and the articles are generally helpful and revealing, and often crisply pointed and entertaining.

Created as "a Record and Documentation Center about the circus", this site contains an eclectic hotchpotch of material including articles, advertising, programs, photos, models, magazines, books, postcards, toys - in fact, anything related to the world of circus. It exists in a French and an English version (click on the flag top right to change the language), and navigation is a bit confusing, but there is a wealth of material on all aspects of circus.

This site contains a wealth of information about Grand Guignol theatre, which generally deals with macabre and violent horrors. There is a detailed history of the original Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris, as well as information about posters, plays, films, videos books and articles related to the subject. The site is created by Thrillpeddlers, the San Francisco theatre company at the forefront of Grand Guignol performance today.

This site covers everything from the history of musicals, through reviews and essays, to "the nuts and bolts of writing and putting on a Broadway show". It is functionally presented and quite easy to navigate. As well as all the written material, there is an extensive gallery of photographs from stage and screen musicals. Although the site is largely geared towards American productions, there is also plenty of material on British musicals.

Part of "Theatre Seat Store", a commercial American site selling theatre furniture, this page provodes many useful links to other sites covering the whole history and range of drama from its very beginnings to the present with a brief summary of what information each site contains.

This is collection of libretti for a wide range of classic operas. They are listed in alphabetical order of title, and have synopses in English while the libretti themselves are generally in the original language. Some of the operas also have a performance history, background, sources, discography and pictures, as well as information about many of the composers.

This website contains a designers' register, details of news items, publications and training, as well as a wide variety of links to other related sites. The best part of the site for a casual visitor is the Gallery, which contains pictures of scenery, costume and lighting designs for a variety of productions.

This site has a wealth of information about all periods of theatre history from Ancient Greece to the 21st Century. It is fairly comprehensive with extensive articles on a worldwide range of playwrights and movements in the theatre, and also has links to other related websites. It is organised by historical periods, and presented in a straightforward way with simple navigation.

This is a wide-ranging site dealing with all aspects of world theatre history from its origins through to the present. There are many links to articles within and outside the site, dealing with most aspects of the subject. There is also a small selection of online texts, and a Bookstore which links to the American Amazon site. The Links section offers brief descriptions of sites dealing with a wide range of topics, mostly centred on America.

This is "A digital archive of selected plays from T.H. Lacy's Acting Edition of Victorian Plays (1848-1873)". It contains a huge number of texts of Victorian plays, melodramas and pantomimes by a wide range of authors. The majority of them are long out of print and unavailable elsewhere, so this is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the drama of the mid nineteenth century.

This is a comprehensive guide to what is on in theatres around Britain. It offers news, features and discussion about productions and performers, ticket information, photos, videos, gossip, interviews and reviews of a wide variety of shows.