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This site describes itself as "the essential resource for William Shakespeare's plays, sonnets, poems, quotes, biography and the legendary Globe Theatre." It contains e-texts of the complete original texts of all the plays, sonnets and poems with summaries, as well as articles about various related subjects. There are also study guides for some of the more well-known plays.

"Every book deserves to be read" is the philosophy behind this site, run by Canadian Alex McGilvery, who decided to start his own review site because most reviewers will not review books that are self-published or released in electronic format. Given their ever increasing popularity, Alex decided to specialize in e-books, and writes clear, unbiased reviews of works that are unlikely to be found reviewed anywhere else.

This website is "dedicated to bringing the genius of Dickens to a new generation of readers." It is very comprehensive and wide-ranging, with sections on Dickens himself, his novels, characters and influence, and much more. It is a huge site with many articles, maps, illustrations and links to other Dickens-related sites. The writing is succinct and informative, and there are many quotations from the novels.

This site, named after Mycroft Holmes's unsociable club, is dedicated to all things connected with Sherlock Holmes. Once you get past the rather irritating navigation devices of animated doors opening, it contains a wealth of useful, entertaining and sometimes rare material by and about Conan Doyle. There are texts of the stories, scripts of Sherlock Holmes plays, paintings, and links to other sites.

This site is an extensive resource on the process of writing and publishing books. It covers all the major categories of writing, including essays, fiction, journalism, poetry and script writing, and deals with all associated areas like the writing process, getting paid for writing, publishing, self-publishing and e-publishing. There are also cheap, downloadable resources for sale.

The site has details of the life and works of the American writer H. P. Lovecraft, including correspondents, interests, a photo gallery, Lovecraftian locations in New England, a bestiary, a list of grimoires, literary criticism, bibliographies, periodicals, online articles, films, games, music, and art based on Lovecraft's works. It is a comprehensive site with a multitude of links to other Lovecraft related sites.

This site offers searchable online literature. It covers over 1,900 full books by over 250 authors, and also carries over 3,000 short stories and poems, and a quotations database with over 8,500 quotes. There are biographies of each author, and lists of all their works on the site. There is also a forum where readers can post their thoughts about the writers. It is a good place to look for out-of-copyright texts.

This site is a very impressive anthology of English Literature, covering the Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century and Restoration periods. There are detailed biographies of writers and links to e-texts of their works and articles about them. The site provides a starting point for students and enthusiasts of English Literature, and is a useful collection of resources on the periods covered. There is a simple search facility which works well in tracking down materials on a specific author or topic.

This is a very good site for downloading free ebooks. There are over 25,000 titles which can be browsed by title, author, date, category, cover or language. Each text is presented with a brief summary and a short extract to give a taste of the writing, and they can be downloaded for a variety of different devices.

This site contains an index of thousands of online books which are freely readable on the Internet, as well as pointers to significant directories and archives of online texts, special exhibits of particularly interesting classes of online books, and information on how readers can help to support the growth of online books. The listings are enormous - everything from Aristotle to Zola - and are very easy to navigate.

Project Gutenberg aims to make books and other materials available online. The Library covers many areas including all kinds of literature, the Bible and Shakespeare, references such as Roget's "Thesaurus", almanacs, encyclopedias and dictionaries. It is an excellent source for any out-of-copyright material.

This site has a huge range of quotations which can be accessed by Topic or by Author and aims to be "a multimedia archive of the documents that move, inspire, amuse, anger and ultimately provoke thought within us", although these do have a strong American bias. The site is continually developing, and includes opportunities for those who wish to make their own suggestions.

This site is dedicated to the folk tales of Russia and the Ukraine, and is part of the "Russian Crafts" website devoted to all things Russian. The tales range from the more familiar, like "Baba Yaga" and Pushkin's "Tale of the Golden Cockerel", to the totally unfamiliar, like "The Little Straw Bull with the Tarred Back". The tales themselves are presented simply as text, and are easy to download and read, providing a wealth of imaginative entertainment for people of all ages.

This is the official Terry Pratchett site and has a wealth of information about the man and his writing. There is an ongoing news section with lots of interesting information about past and present events concerning Sir Terry, an extensive section devoted to his books, a moderated forum, competitions and links. It is well worth a visit for fans of Sir Terry.

This is the website of the international organisation which aims to encourage and further interest in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. It has information about his life and works as well as the huge amount of material written about him by others, and the events organised by the society. There are also links to other sites with articles and information about Tolkien, and an online shop selling Tolkien books.

This is "an online community for writers and readers of all interests and skill levels." It is aimed both at creative writers and at casual readers searching for a story. It claims to have thousands of members and over a million literary items created since its inception. You need to join up for free if you want to contribute, but you can access and read any of the material without joining.